Entrepreneurship Course

Our flagship course takes students from the corner-stones of a great business idea, to pitching investable businesses, brands, startup teams and strategy.

Entrepreneurship Courses For Universities and Schools

We deliver a slice of the real world in a school situation. This is not simply buy cheap and sell high, this is create, innovate and be challenged. Your students are treated like adults both in facilitation and expectation.

Entrepreneurial Skills Are No Longer Optional

Your students are entering a very competitive world. The difficult truth is that there are more graduates than jobs. Your students’ dreams are not to ‘get a job’ but to fly high in life. Every organisation is a pyramid and to ensure your students end up at the top of those organisations, they must be entrepreneurial. They must be a cut above the rest. We ensure they are.

This Is A Course In Entrepreneurship … Not Business Administration Or Management

Business administration and management is valuable, but, it is a very different skill to starting a business or taking a business to the next level from within. The students are arranged into startup teams by personality types. They then create real-life business propositions (they are not limited by what can be achieved within a competition framework) and are forced to test their assumptions, approach their target customers, attain real market feedback, and generate strategies to mass market. Lastly, they learn how to finance their business and keep an eye on the money.

“I’ve never seen such amazing ideas in either competitions or board rooms. My mind has been truly blown.”
– Julian Hall, The Ultrapreneur

Examples of businesses created and pitched, are:

  • New Stealth Technologies
    The idea was ratified by a Cambridge professor of physics as well as the MOD before their final pitch
  • Home Decoration iPhone App
    The group were invited into ICI Paint to pitch to their Global Marketing Director
  • Teenage Car Insurance
    They created a new financial structure and model reducing the cost of insurance and sharing the risk in the community

We deliver this course in some of the best Schools and Universities in the world. We would love to venture further. Please get in touch.