Course In Attitude

Research by Harvard University, among others, has found that attitude is the key and common component in all high achievers. This day long course is all about your students understanding who they currently are and designing who they want to be.

A Day Of Self Discovery

Students aren’t normally taught how to understand themselves, how to discover what is truly important to them and most importantly how to decide who they want to be as a person.

We run through exercises that reveal to your students who they currently are through the eyes of others. It forces themto think introspectively and create a vision of how they would like to be perceived by the world.

We explore character as a series of attitudes, what an attitude is, how they are recognised and how they are changed if needed. The student defines who they want to be and then, through the knowledge imparted and the exercises undertaken, plans on how to become that person.

Sessions include:

  • Who are you? Who do you want to be?
  • Perception
  • What is positive thinking?
  • What is an attitude?
  • Skills vs Attitude …. what’s more important?
  • Your attitudes
  • Your habits
  • A plan for change.

Your students will leave with an action plan for change that they have designed themselves. This course is powerful as it forces your students to lead their own transformation.

You’ll notice the students within 6 hours have matured, become more self-reliant and have a clear plan of the character they want to develop, and how, throughout the years to come.