How To Plan For Success

Success is life does not happen by accident. It has been proved over and over again that those that plan how they will achieve their dream are far more likely to succeed. Schools and universities don’t teach ambition, they don’t teach how to life-plan and they don’t teach how to ensure you achieve that plan. We do.

A Course in Goal Setting And Planning For Success

What do your students what to be? How can they become the next Richard Branson, Christiano Ronaldo or Desmond Tutu? We explore the journey to achieving incredible things and prove that massive goals cab be split down into small achievable steps.

The students set goals, understand what a balanced and healthy life looks like and plan their future. We discuss failure and adapting the plan to life. 

Your students will leave feeling personally empowered, capable of anything. They leave knowing that success is their choice and their responsibility.

We teach this course in schools and universities across the world. We would love to teach the course at your institution. Please, get in touch.