It will completely change the way your students think.

Young British Entrepreneur teaches courses in entrepreneurship, ambition and success in schools and universities worldwide.

The Courses

What Our Prestigious Clients Say

  • Oxford University Small
  • School Entrepreneurship Course - Sherborne School
  • Entrepreneurship Course - Bristol University
  • St Albans School - Entrepreneurship Course
  • Oxford has the luxury of attracting some very highly sought after speakers. I’ve seen many that have excited our students.

    I have never seen, however, any talk or course have so much positive impact on understanding and attitude.

    Oxford University
  • I write to recommend the work of YBE … They complete the course with an exceptional practical understanding of what it means to start a business … Entrepreneurship is a vital piece of a rounded education … We have seen remarkable results and value in the course.

    Sherborne School
  • This course remains the jewell in the crown of the Enterprise Education calendar. The feedback is consistently the best of any course we run. The impact on our students is immeasurable.

    Bristol University
  • I can wholeheartedly recommend this course to any University or school. We’ve been running courses in ‘Planning for Success’ and ‘Attitude’ now for 5 years and every year it gets better.

    St Albans School